2022/05/05 - We have added some shows. Finally after two years without playing live, we are back. You want to see us play at your place - drop us a line at: 


2020/01/10 - Check out the video of THE BLACK TAPE at VIDEO section.

2019/12/13 - Today we released "old school punk rock poetry". The single is featuring the first two songs we ever did. It's available on all digital platforms, released via GHETTO BOX records. Go, check it out at AUDIO section.

2019/10/01 - Added a new show on 2019/10/24 in Bamberg, Live Club

2019/09/05 - Added a video of WELCOME TO DYSTOPIA to the VIDEO section. 

2019/08/08 - We added a lyric video of STATE OF DISGRACE to the VIDEO section. 2019/08/05 - Check out our Instagram account at:

2019/08/02 - Wir sind mit dem Song DOWN unseres Albums WHERE THE ACTION IS... auf der aktuellen OX-CD. Also nix wie hin zum Kiosk eures Vertrauens und eine Ausgabe kaufen!

2019/04/28 - Added the video of NO ONE TO TRUST on Youtube - check out VIDEO section

2019/01/23 - Added a few new shows

2018/07/12 - Added a new show on 2018/11/10 in Coburg, Domino

2018/05/10 - We are back in the DIYFS-Studios to record our first full length album. There are 21 songs on the schedule!

2018/01/18 - Added a new show on 2018/02/25 in Schweinfurt, Stattbahnhof with Death By Stereo.

2017/11/11 - Added a new show on 2017/12/13 in Lichtenfels, Paunchy Cats as support of legendary Sham69!

2017/11/05 - Added some photos.

2017/11/03 - Check out our brandnew website!